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What it is

Quick & easy automated transcripts using the latest in speech recognition technology. We are proud to be one of the most popular, fully automated, transcript service.

How it works

When you upload your file; we give it to our speech recognition system to review & identify the audio within it. The whole process takes about as long as it would take a human to listen to your file.

What to expect

The speech recognition technology we use recognizes words at higher than 90% accuracy and is getting better all the time! Once you upload a file you will receive a transcript by email containing our system's best attempt at understanding the audio in your file.

Pricing & Features

Basic Transcription

You have audio. You need text. We've got you covered.

Free Early Access!

Speaker Identification

Quickly see who said what with automatic speaker identification.

Free Early Access!

Low Quality Audio

Phone calls or other hard to hear audio isn't a problem with our technology.

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Transcript Templates

Ensure your document is the way you need it every time by designing & saving your own template.

Coming Soon!

Non-English Languages

Transcribe audio in Spanish, Russian, French or Mandarin Chinese.

Coming Soon!

Automatic Uploads

Get automatic transcripts of your latest podcast episode or saved file without lifting a finger.

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